pink-slip-hollywood-journalI was terminated from my job on Friday. Long story, lots of bull… let’s just say the unions involved, with the possibility of reinstatement… but in the meantime I am jobless…

While waiting on the union and applying for other jobs I have pretty much nothing to do with my time. The first 2 days was awesome… now I’m in the middle of day 4… I think I’m starting to go a little batty. I know it might not be normal to feel this way after only a few days… but I have always worked, non-stop.

I think what I need to do right now is keep a routine going, and get things done around here that I never have time to do instead of just sleeping all day. I feel like I’m just here waiting, I’m just not sure for what.

*Things I’d Like to Complete*
– Master Resin
– Deep clean my apartment
– Start selling online
– Start my Salsa videos
– Exercise on a regular basis
– Craft more

Ideally, it would be nice to wake up bright and early… workout, have breakfast, apply for jobs, do some cleaning, craft, watch a movie and read… nothing is really stopping me except for laziness and possibly a little depression trying to creep in.

Today I need to focus on setting things up so I can start my routine tomorrow…

*Today’s To-do List*
– Laundry
– Prepare computer to be taken for repair
– Write out a schedule
– Follow up with  the union
– Dig out crafting supplies


Update on Apartment Therapy

I decided to wait until the 1st of October to start my apartment therapy because… well I’m a procrastinator. But I’ve got a little done…
IMG_20151003_115119IMG_20150930_212520The look in the room is taking a different turn. I started off trying to move toward MCM but it doesn’t seem to be happening. My living room is doing good and my dinning room… but I lost it when it came to my bedroom. But that’s okay, I think it represents my feminine side.

Here’s an update to my to do list… (the star’d off items are done).

  • Go through my short chest of drawers, remove all craft items and toys put in spare bedroom.
  • ***Move writing desk back to living room.***
  • Clean out big chest of drawers.
  • Clean under bed.
  • ***Declutter top of short chest of drawers.***
  • ***Hang mirror.***
  • Straighten out wall decal.
  • Remove LaLa Shelves.
  • Clean night stand.
  • Clean closet floor.
  • Straighten up closet.
  • Wash down vanity.
  • Straighten up pantry.
  • Clean big mirror.

I’m debating if I should remove the LaLa shelves but if I do, what do I put on the walls? It’ll look empty but really do I have to have anything on my walls? What’s wrong with empty walls?

It’d be nice to complete the full list this weekend… but I know me, so that might not be realistic thinking… one day at a time.

Today’s goal is:

  • Go through my short chest of drawers, remove all craft items and toys put in spare bedroom.
  • Clean under bed.
  • Remove LaLa Shelves.
  • Wash down vanity.
  • Clean big mirror.

I’m going to devote 2 hours to my room today… we’ll see what I get done. I think the most time consuming will be moving the bed, I don’t have much under there… a few stray shoes, half drunk water bottles, etc.

Apartment Therapy


Now that I’m getting settled in at my new job, it’s time to put the focus on my apartment. I need to get organized, and as much as I hate to admit it… I might be in some serious need of purging… even getting rid of some of the things I kinda love.

My whole apartment isn’t that bad on the outside but on the inside (closets, hidden spaces) it’s crying for help. I’ve tried Apartment Therapy’s 6 Week Cure… I’m not sure that’s going to work for me right now. I think I could go faster if I try my own method.

I don’t really need anything or have major repairs to take care of… my problem is more organization and purging a bit.

First I need to decide what do I want to go in my apartment, what do I want to use each room for. Then I need to go through each room and put the appropriate things in each room… for example if I’m going to use my spare bedroom for crafting and my toy collection… there is no reason for me to have draws full of craft stuff in my bedroom nor the shelves full of Lalas either…

Once I have everything in their appropriate rooms then that’s when I start to tidy up and purge to make it all fit.

Lastly, the deep cleaning.

I have a standard two bedroom apartment, two baths with dining room and balcony. I have a three hall closets and a bedroom pantry.

My Apartment Life

LIVING ROOM: In my living room… I’d like to entertain, watch TV, blog, write, maybe read.

DINING ROOM: I’d like to eat my meals at my dinning table.

KITCHEN: I’d like to cook comfortably in my kitchen. Feel that it’s always clean and organized, keep it basic.

HALL BATHROOM: Used by my guest and Penelope.

2ND BEDROOM: At some point I’d like to turn it into an office, but at this point I’m not quite ready to get rid of my daughter’s twin bed. I’d like to use it to store my craft stuff, toys, also create a sort of reading nook and spare bedroom when needed.

MASTER BEDROOM: I spend most of my time in here… but I’d like to change that. I’d like to use my room only for sleeping, getting dressed and making myself pretty.

MASTER BATHROOM: My main used bathroom… bubble baths!

Now I’ve made my list… I need to focus on a plan for the week. I started in my bedroom this weekend. So here is my to do list for the week.

  • Go through my short chest of drawers, remove all craft items and toys put in spare bedroom.
  • Move writing desk back to living room.
  • Clean out big chest of drawers.
  • Clean under bed.
  • Declutter top of short chest of drawers.
  • Hang mirror.
  • Straighten out wall decal.
  • Remove LaLa Shelves.
  • Clean night stand.
  • Clean closet floor.
  • Straighten up closet.
  • Wash down vanity.
  • Straighten up pantry.
  • Clean big mirror.

If I do an hour a day and 2 on Saturday and Sunday as a rest day, that’s 7 hours to get that done… 2 items an hour. I can do that.

I’ll keep you posted through out the week.

You can always follow along on instagram: TheyLoveVenus

Cubical Decor Ideas

I like the idea of a fabric or wallpapered wall. I’ll have to do some brainstorming while sitting in my cubical.


This is really cute… I’d tone down a bit on so many accessories, but I like the idea.


I like this one a lot, I might go with something like this for my cubical – it looks crisp and clean (Plus the chevron wallpaper is pretty cheap).


I love the little metal filing cabinet on the desk. A bit too blue and clutter for me. But still cute.


I like this one a lot, but I don’t like the colors much.


I like this one kinda. The lighting at work is pretty bright so I don’t need a lamp, but I like the little cubby box it has. I might make one.


Look at this one! I love the hanging lamp, but that would def be a no-no at my job.


This one is cute. I might aim for this look in blues and greys, but less metal.


Another one I like.


This is the cubby box I like a lot. I might make one. I think they just used 12 in by 12 in sheets. I think they sell them at Home Depot. Then wallpapered the inside. Cute and a nice way to keep everything grouped together.




Heh. I would get no work done here… lol. A hammock would mean all day napping, but the idea is super cute… but I don’t think this person will be up for a promotion any time soon… unless she works in one of those hip type offices.


I like this one too but a bit too stuff. I like the lettering on the wall… I’m not sure what I’d want my letters to spell out… I’m thinking gold lettering… Love? LP&H for Love, Peace & Harmony?

(all images were found on google)


CAM06030Last I posted I was 7 weeks into my 17 and a half week training. I made it! Friday was graduation and it feels AWESOME! During the training we lost 6 people… it was an amazing experience and I truly feel I’ve been a few life time friends through the process. It was almost like being on a reality show… you were giving tests every day and you had to maintain an 85% average or else you were cut from the program. The last 6 weeks was case processing, so you were judged on performance.  If you made it to the end you got to participate in a graduation ceremony, get to keep your job and you moved down to your permanent unit. You get an official cubical! Above is mine… which I’m excited about, my co-workers decorated it in red and pink and baseball themed. Pink, Glitter and Unicorns might of been more fitting for me… oh but I don’t care, I MADE IT!!! Now I’m all about decorating my blog. Originally, I thought I’d just take my Kawaii Cuteness with me, but now I’m rethinking it… 1. I’d like to be taking seriously at some point when I’m ready for a promotion, but of course also reflect some style… 2. Most of my cuteness is Pink and the walls are blue padded… so I’m thinking of going with blue and greys instead with pops of color. So far as personal belongings I have a Hello Kitty Pen Cup, a black framed mirror and black lidded candy jar (posted below). I think I’m going to bring the Hello Kitty cup home and go with the black theme… I had a few prints in mind, but now I have to rethink them… CAM05961

New Adventures


It’s always hard to get a blog off the ground, specially when you don’t post often and don’t have regular internet access.. well that changed this week… I’m back on the internet folks and ready to let these fingers run… about what?

I don’t know yet… life.

Since my last update… I haven’t lost any weight… actually I think I’ve gained a few pounds… but I’m back onto that weight loss thing.

However, I did do something I’m VERY excited about… I found a new job.

I just completed my 7th week there and I’m excited and loving it… of course I’m still in training. I was very unhappy with my old company… no raises, horrible management, no room for growth unless you had your nose dipped in the brown stuff… I’m not sure I was ever happy there, I guess I stayed the 3 and a half years out of fear of change…

I finally got fed up when they started moving me from department to department, trying to make it seem like it was a positive thing – I was being “cross-trained” but receiving no “more-skills” pay… I knew it was time to start looking elsewhere. 2 months into my search – the job I had in mind opened up… I applied. 5 months, an exam and interview later I started my new adventure… 18 weeks of training including mandatory high score testing, learning to deal with people and process their cases… I’m almost midway through the training and though stressed… I love it. I’m learning new stuff, have made new friends… and best of all I don’t have to wear a uniform!

We’ll see how I feel once I go down to the floor… out of 1200 applicants I’m part of the top 35 that were hired. I think I’ve might of found something I’m good at. :o) SInce this training started everything else is pretty much in shambles… but I’m sure it’ll all come together once the training is over… I hope.

I look forward to finally getting this blog up and going with regular posts about everything!

Talk to you soon…

Writer’s Block

writersblockI’m experiencing something, something so bad it’s hard to even get the words together to think up a proper post… It’s ugly, it’s boring… it’s Writer’s Block. I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging for months now… every time I read a blog I get inspired to create something awesome, a blog on the caliber of the blog I read, but when it comes down to siting down and writing up a post it just doesn’t happen. I suddenly come up blank, nothing to say… my mind goes silent.

I don’t know how this can be when my mouth runs a mile a minute… right now I should be writing about Christmas, what I’m baking, what I’m making, craft projects, my plans for Lucky-Venus, New Years Resolutions.

I have ideas, I have execution issues. Execution issues with everything. I’ve had Lucky-Venus.com registered for a couple of years now but still haven’t done anything with it. I half ass tried to do it but stopped after a couple of days.

My weight loss… I have always been a life dieter, starting in high school… on January 2, 2000 I joined Weight Watchers… even thought through out the 15 years I have lost 30-45 lbs a few times, but at this point the battle should have already been over and I should be focusing on maintaining.

V-e-n-u-s.com… December 6 of this year it turned 12 years… look at how many times I’ve dropped it.

What’s my point? I just went from writing about having nothing to write about to what I should be writing about to beating myself up for half-assing things.

See, I told you I have Writer’s Block.

A Clean Home is A Happy Home


My plan this weekend was to finish up the spare bedroom room, clearing it out and sorting through at least half that stuff (living room above)…

There has been a change of plans. I just got a notice on the door that management will be coming in, so the whole apartment needs to be presentable. I wasn’t expecting this… I have two days to get it together.

So, here’s the weekend plan:

Guest Bathroom
Spare Bedroom

My bedroom
My bathroom
Dining room
Living room

I have my work cut out for me this weekend… I was suppose to do two 5K Breast Cancer Walks/Runs with my Susie this weekend. This morning she texted me and told me she wasn’t feel well this morning, which worked out fine. I got up early and am (sort of) getting an early start to my day. She said we’d try to again tomorrow. We had plans to do these walks for weeks… so I wanted to keep my word, but I could really use those few hours to work on my apartment this weekend.

I’ve been up since about 6am maybe a bit early… 5-ish, continuously pushing the snooze button.

I think I’ll take a quick nap, make a bank run… maybe stop at Starbucks for an ice coffee to get a nice caffeine kick and get started on my to do list.

Look for updates on instagram (USERNAME: theylovevenus).

Blog Happy, Clutter Freak and Selfish


I checked my email today and had a response from my host stating all was fixed… I was doubtful, but checked my site anyway and low and behold my brand new empty blog was up and ready to be personalized and filled with posts.

So, now that I have everything up and running what do I blog about? I haven’t done so on a regular basis in so long, but lately I’ve felt the need to write… about various things, from projects to my personal life.

Right now what’s on my mind is my apartment. I started emptying out my spare bedroom which had a combination of TheVPrincess’ things, unpacked stuff from my Oakland apartment and spill over of things I can’t seem to find a place for… not to mention my lately impulse buying (of mostly toys).

I think now that I’m cleaning out that room and I’m taking inventory of all the stuff I’ve been acquiring lately, I’m over the whole toy things… now it’s on to buying clothes for me. I need to focus on me now. My dolls have all kinds of clothes… my two Blythe dolls have about 50 outfits, meanwhile I have nothing to wear.

It’s time for me to put more focus on ME. I’m single, approaching 40 (38 in a few days), no children – TheVPrincess is 20 now… it’s my time. I have no excuses (other than money – but I can work that out).

First things first, this cluttered apartment. I thought I could get the spare bedroom done in a couple of weeks… it’s taking way longer just to empty out the room. And the living room is getting close to packed – full of the stuff I’m taking out. I need to find some time to finish clearing out the room this week.

This weekend I won’t have a chance, I’m doing two Breast Cancer Walks… so I have tomorrow, Thursdays and Friday to get it clear. Then start finding a place for all that stuff. TheVPrincess doesn’t have as much in there as I thought. This all has to be done ASAP.

What I might do is put everything back in the room in an organized way and then I can take my time sorting through the boxes without my whole apartment being in shambles. I’d like to host a lunch for GumdropGlamour soon… I’m thinking kind of like a tea party, or a crafting day… something fun.

I need to get organized first.

They say once your home is in order, the rest of your life falls into place. I wonder if that’s true…



This week I decided to instead of using a site to host my site, I’d build a free standing one… Last time I set that up it was super easy… I decided not to go with the same host, instead go with the hosting service that I have loyally registered my domains through for over 10 years.

All these years they have provided excellent service but OMG it’s becoming the most frustrating thing to get my wordpress set up. It keeps forwarding to this free one instead of my free standing up when you type my url. The last email I got from them they said that it’s going directly to where it should… but it’s not… my url keeps forwarding to this blog…

AAgghhh… I just sent them another email, hopefully they answer emails on weekends… :o\