2017 New Year, New Me – NOT

I don’t know about a new me… I kind of still like the 2016 me… but there is room for improvement. So like 95% of all Americans… I have a list of resolutions… nothing too crazy – pretty standard:

  • lose weight
  • read my bible
  • read think and grow rich
  • clean 5 hours weekly
  • weekly manicures/pedicures
  • blog on a regular basis
  • buy a car
  • keep a 2017 jar
  • craft more (and actually finish projects)
  • finish watching the Sex and the City series
  • finish watching the Brady Bunch series

I don’t think that’s too unrealistic. For 2016, I only had 1 resolution… to give up all soda. I made it! 1 full year no soda. If I did that – I can definitely do the above. Here’s my plan:

  • weight loss: Go back to clean eating and exercise.
  • read my bible: For the 3rd year in a roll I’m trying to do the section a day schedule in the back of the bible… but this time I’m not going to start over… I’m just going to pick up where I left off last year. I first attempted in January 1, 2015 and fell off after a few months. Then again January 1, 2016 – starting from scratch I fell off and remembered many of the stories so it was boring and pointless to start over. So now, I’m restarting at the point where I last left off.
  • read think and grow rich: I love this book even though I haven’t read it completely just in parts… I’d like to read it in it’s entirety this year. It’s not a super long read, I just need to make the time it sit down and start reading again. I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and believe that reading this book completely will teach me to really channel my energy properly to get what I want.
  • clean 5 hours weekly: Really I don’t need to clean 5 hours weekly, but I’m using the word “clean” as a general word for cleaning, decluttering, organizing, redecorating.
  • weekly manicures/pedicures: I know that sounds pretty standard… but I am the worse at keeping up with my mani/pedis… which is terrible considering I work with my hands and have my hands near people’s faces all day. Chipped nail polish is a little shameful to let them see… my feet are usually covered, but if I’m doing my hands… I might as well do my feet too… right?
  • blog on a regular basis: Years ago before blogs became a think just for profit… people blogged for fun… or was it called journaling? I had a livejournal and I journaled about every and anything I felt like. I didn’t feel the need to post a picture everyday that I blogged, I wasn’t too worried about how many readers I had or about being too personal and sharing too much. I simply logged in and started typing away. I want to get back to that here.
  • buy a car: I think I have gone as long as I can without a car without going batty. When I first gave up my car about 2005ish I was okay with never having the responsibility of a car again. But freedom outweighs the pain of responsibility… so I think this year I’m ready to try it again. Be patient with this one… it might take me a while to save.
  • keep a 2017 jar: This is the cutest idea! I’ll post about this one in a bit over at LaDulcitaVida.com later today.
  • craft more (and actually finish projects): Those who know me – know I love to craft, but rarely finish too many of anything. This past year I got into dollhouses… so right now I have several unfinished dollhouses that need finishing this year.
  • finish watching the Sex and the City series: I’ve always wanted to watch the full Sex and the City series… but never the patience or access to it completely. Now I do, I’ve been working my way through the episodes now. I’m currently on Season 4, Episode 6.
  • finish watching the Brady Bunch series: I figured I’ve better watch something innocent and sinless like the Brady Bunch to balance out all the Sex and the City episodes. I don’t have access to all the episodes, but I do to many. I’m currently on Season 1, Episode 19.

And well that’s about it for New Year’s Resolutions… so, what are your resolutions?