March Already

It seems like this year is flying by and I haven’t done nearly as much journaling as I thought I would have time too… I can’t even tell you where I’ve been the last two months. Mostly working…

My Aunt Jane’s house is getting cleaned out so I’m bringing some of her belongings here like a bedroom set – minus the bed, a dinning set… some lamps, and odds and ends. I went over a few weeks back and met up with my cousin Rosalinda there… it’s was sad being in that house without Aunt Jane there, sad seeing everything the way it is.

My Aunt Jane was kind of a hoarder and there were rooms in the house I had never seen as a child because they were padlocked shut. It was weird seeing the house in full… very emotional processing everything I seen and learned. But also very nice to connect with Rosalinda and help sort through papers, etc.

As far as my New Years Resolutions… hhhmmm – let’s see…

  • weight loss: I’m trying something new in March – a no weigh month. I’m sticking to my plan just not weighing in until April 1st. I’m still doing herbal life, but I think I need to cut down on so much protein. My coach says protein is good but I’m not feeling that way. I don’t think my body likes protein for weight loss.
  • read my bible: I haven’t started yet… (insert frowning face)
  • read think and grow rich: Well… reading hasn’t been on my top to do this year, but it’s still one of my resolutions to read this.
  • clean 5 hours weekly: Huh, okay… let me admit I’m not the greatest at keeping resolutions but I’ve done okay with this one. My house keeping skills are improving.
  • weekly manicures/pedicures: My fingers look like dry cactus’… I’ll leave this one alone.
  • blog on a regular basis: I’m back?
  • buy a car: N/A
  • keep a 2017 jar: I did really well the first few week (s) or so then I fell off. I think the jar is in the top drawer of my small dresser… I think. I should pull this out and restart it.
  • craft more (and actually finish projects): I haven’t done much crafting, but tomorrow I’m starting my bedroom make-over which is going to spill into my spare bedroom make-over because I’ll be moving some furniture into that room and some of that room’s furniture out. Lots of changes around here.
  • finish watching the Brady Bunch series: I’m moving a little slower through this series… I’m barely on Season 2, Episode 4. This series might take me all year to watch. I have to be in the right mood and mindset for it.
  • finish watching the Sex and the City series: I finished the Sex and the City series, now I’m watching The Carrie Diaries which is Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager. I’m on Season 2, Episode 10… I have a couple of episodes to go then I’m done. I think there is a book that covers when this show ends and before Sex and the City begins… once the book is read I’ll watch the two Sex and the City movies… then sadly I’ll be done. So technically I’ve completed this New Years Resolutions… but I’m addicted now.

So, this has been me. Tomorrow I’ve going to start my official Spring Cleaning/Bedroom Makeover… expect pictures over at