Flu and Resolutions

The flu kicked my butt this week… I’ve been sick since about Tuesday or Wednesday. Not much going on this week except for longs of laying in bed, saltines and 7-up.

Did a little cleaning…. a lot of Sex and the City watching (well, for me… I’m not a huge television watcher).

It’s been a week since the new year began… so here’s an update on my resolutions:

List of my resolutions:

  • lose weight
  • read my bible
  • read think and grow rich
  • clean 5 hours weekly
  • weekly manicures/pedicures
  • blog on a regular basis
  • buy a car
  • keep a 2017 jar
  • craft more (and actually finish projects)
  • finish watching the Sex and the City series
  • finish watching the Brady Bunch series

My Resolution List progress:

  • weight loss: I wanted to start up Herbalife again, but since Christmas killed my budget I haven’t restarted. I could of restarted using the protein shakes I already have here at home then switch over next week… but I didn’t. First out of laziness, then before I got sick. I went and brought proper groceries today… I’m starting tomorrow… then placing my Herbalife order on Friday.
  • read my bible: I haven’t started. I’m going to have to read two verses a day until I catch up.
  • read think and grow rich: I haven’t started this either… Reading hasn’t been my forte this week… I’ve been more TV based… I have been watching a lot of YouTube…
  • clean 5 hours weekly: I changed this to one hour daily and so far I’m about 4 days before… but I have tomorrow (or today… Monday) off, so hopefully, I’ll feel good enough to get some of that done… if not I’ll be laying in bed catching up on my reading.
  • weekly manicures/pedicures: I did do my nails but now it’s time to do them again. I hate chipped fingernail polish…. I didn’t do my feet… tomorrow, for sure.
  • blog on a regular basis: Huh, well so far so good… no?
  • buy a car: N/A
  • keep a 2017 jar: I have kept up with my Happy Jar… some days this week I felt so crummy it was a bit hard to come up with positive that day.
  • craft more (and actually finish projects): N/A
  • finish watching the Sex and the City series: Last I updated I was on Season 4, Episode 6. Now I’m on Season 4, Episode 12. Like I said earlier, I’m not a big TV person but I do want to watch this show fully. I think it’s educational in a way… lol
  • finish watching the Brady Bunch series: Last time I was on Season 1, Episode 19. Now I’m on Season 1, Episode 24. I did have to go back and watch Episode 1 because I noticed they recently added in that in they are still missing I think Episode 5 and 6.

Not a whole bunch of progress but that’s okay, aren’t resolutions suppose to take all year?